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For over 20 years, POLYCOM has been a trusted company known for its unique chemistries and capabilities. Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, POLYCOM is strategically located in the carpet capital of the world.

While much of our expertise has been applied to the manufacturing of flooring, our technology is also useful in a wide range of other industries, including automotive, construction/building materials, marine, modular homes, product sampling and many more*.

*For a complete list of industries served see our Industries Served

PVB Chips

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A Meridian Adhesives
Group brand

In 2019, POLYCOM joined the Meridian Adhesives Group–a portfolio encompassing leading manufacturers and custom formulators of high-performance adhesive technologies. Meridian provides POLYCOM and its customers access to additional technologies that can lead to new, exciting and creative adhesive and product assembly solutions. 

POLYCOM is part of the Meridian Flooring Division with TAYLOR Adhesives. TAYLOR is a leading brand specializing in flooring adhesives and coatings for residential, commercial and industrial applications for over 40 years.

How We Work

Custom Solutions

At POLYCOM, our behind the scenes, collaborative approach has earned us a reputation as a go-to resource for the creation of innovative and profitable products for our customers’ needs. We create custom solutions by partnering closely with our client’s chemists, engineers, operations technicians and R&D departments.

By applying our considerable knowledge, skills and experience, we develop unique solutions that run efficiently on our customer’s equipment and within their exacting specifications.

Unmatched Service

POLYCOM creates unique, custom solutions for our customers by listening intently to their needs. What sets us apart is our continued dedication to work with our clients through every stage, starting with an idea, continuing through research and development, testing, batching, quality control, packaging, transportation and all the way through application in their facility.

We also offer rapid turn-around times that cater to our customers’ needs and stringent schedules. Often this may include same day batching and transportation services.


POLYCOM is the only manufacturer in North America that recycles PVB into a water-based dispersion called EcoBlend, helping support its customer’s environmental story for post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content.

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solutions in the following areas:

Latex Carpet Backing

We partner with carpet and rug manufacturers in developing, compounding, blending and testing proprietary latex formulations in-house, prior to bringing them into full production.

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PVB Dispersions

We are the only manufacturer in North America for recycled, water-based PVB dispersions called EcoBlend, used for a multitude of industrial adhesive, binding or coating applications.

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Product Assembly Solutions

We create a number of innovative product assembly solutions, including adhesives, anti-skid surfaces, binders, coatings, pre-coats, primers and more.

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Water-Based Adhesives

We custom develop coater-ready, water-based adhesives with superior bonding properties that deliver consistent results.

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Our Services

Technical Support

POLYCOM will work with you from start to finish to ensure your success as part of our commitment to provide you with unmatched service.

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Bulk Storage and Transporting Service

POLYCOM can store your raw materials or finished compounds. We maintain tanker trucks to transport finished products to your facility safely and on your schedule.

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Toll Compounding

POLYCOM offers comprehensive toll compounding services and trial batching for adhesives, coatings, backings and binders. We can transport your compounded product to meet your schedule.

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