Water-Based Adhesives

POLYCOM develops custom water-based adhesives that are coater-ready with superior bonding properties that deliver consistent results and can be designed to run on a customer’s specific equipment.

POLYCOM Advantages

  • Bulk storage available at our facility
  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities from drum to bulk
  • Low VOCs for better indoor air quality compliance
  • Strict quality control protocol
  • Transportation by our tanker fleet
  • Trial compounding and blending at our facility

Uses for POLYCOM Water-Based Adhesives

  • Adhering decorative coverings to wallboards (used mainly in the modular housing industry) for durable, lasting performance in the home
  • Laminating graphics to point of sale displays used in demanding environments (heat and humidity)
  • Sample boards for multiple flooring types
  • Specialized adhesive solutions used in the packaging industry