Latex Carpet Backing

The need for latex backings that are adaptable to different yarn systems for the demanding environments of residential, commercial and marine has made POLYCOM the go-to resource for the carpet and rug industry for over 20 years.


POLYCOM partners with carpet and rug manufacturers in developing, compounding, blending and testing proprietary latex formulations in-house, prior to bringing them into full production. Additionally, POLYCOM produces marine back coatings for carpet designed to withstand the hostile environments of boats or any outdoor installations. Our marine back coating adds additional water resistance, flexibility and UV resistance for longer life and better performance, by utilizing EcoBlend PVB water-based technology.

POLYCOM Advantages

  • No job is too large, small or complicated
  • Custom formulations to meet your specific needs
  • Trial compounding and blending in-house
  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities from drum to bulk
  • Quality control with our on-site testing laboratory
  • Available bulk storage on-site
  • Transportation by the POLYCOM tanker fleet

Sustainability Advantages

  • Water-based solutions
  • Low VOCs for better indoor air quality compliance
  • Recycled content formulations available